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Today is National Employee Appreciation Day!

Employee recognition is not something “nice to have” but a “need to have,” and it knows no time frame. Expressing gratitude should be part of your company culture and be scattered throughout your daily activities all year round. Whether it’s part of your norm or not, make a special effort today to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day!

If you need a reason (other than it’s the right thing to do) consider this—numerous studies show that recognition and appreciation are the most powerful motivators of improved performance. Yet the number one reason people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated and more than 60% of employees report receiving no recognition during the past year. That leaves them feeling, not only unappreciated, but under-valued. Working for an organization that doesn’t care (or equally important, doesn’t demonstrate that it does), causes employees to doubt their self-worth and contributions. This attitude tends to follow employees outside of work so it impacts all areas of their life.

Expand your efforts for employee appreciation on this special day and make it an everyday priority. If you value an employee, tell them. How else will they know?

  • How will you show your appreciation today?
  • What can you do to make a daily habit of encouraging other people?
  • Don’t wait for someone to accomplish a monumental task before you decide to give them praise. A word of encouragement for progress, or for someone in the midst of challenging times is more meaningful and valued than waiting until the task is completed.

Give your employees what they need and deserve. It’s free and you will be amazed at the response.

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