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It’s That Time Again!

At the start of each year, most of us feel compelled to set New Year’s resolutions—but only 8% of those who do so reach them. Thus, before you make resolutions this year, there are some vital questions which will impact your choices.

  • Where are you relative to where you thought you would be at this time last year? Are you on target, slightly off, or did you miss entirely?
  • Why?
  • Is your 2018 goal still viable?
  • If you could do one thing differently what would that be?

TNow you are ready—What do you want to be celebrating this time next year? Be specific about the “what” and “why” (your motivation), including how that will make you feel. And then return to the fundamental tools that always work.

  • How will you accomplish those goals? A critical first step to success is making a written action-plan for each of them, including smaller goals along the way with completion dates. These will guide you toward your ultimate goals and prevent you from confusing activity with progress. Remember that (1) written plans are at least 10 times more likely to result in success than plans kept mentally and (2) without a plan, a goal is simply a dream.
  • How will you will stay focused on the path to success in the face of diversions, distractions and obstacles? So that you don’t fritter your time away, anticipate these and decide now what you will do to stay on track—don’t wait until you face them.

Live purposefully. Make a commitment and take some action every day that moves you toward your desired results. Will you begin now?

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