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Embrace Change—Let Go of the Past

Ancient Chinese measured passages of time by burning candle clocks (rope tied with a series of knots; as the rope burned from knot to knot, it indicated time which had passed). While the method had value in its day, it has none for us now.

Are you stuck in the past with ideas, methods and habits which are no longer useful or which are holding you back? As much as we might want to relive some moments or wish for things to be the way they were, time passes and things around us change. When we are unable to let go of the past, we cannot focus on accomplishing things in the present and the future.

Of course, we cannot forget the past, but we can learn from it and stop focusing on it. But moving forward isn’t always easy. It takes daily deliberate effort and discipline. Begin now to focus on the future instead of letting the past dictate your future. One way to do that is to set goals. In order to have the most impact, goals should be concrete. You might have two lists—one for maintaining financial security (job, investments, etc.) and one for the things you’d like to do (time with family and friends, interests, hobbies, etc.). For the fortunate, those lists might be the same.

Don’t worry about having all the steps in place before making the decision to act. You can refine your goals as you move forward. But you must take action to bring your goals to fruition. Not doing so leaves you right where you started. While you might have mentally come to grips with change, no action equals no change. Just begin taking one step and the next will follow.

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